K6DR Amateur Radio Services

I was first licensed as WN4EUU in 1961. My Original station was a Globe Chief crystal controlled transmitter with a Hallicrafter S-85 receiver.

Later I upgraded to Conditional (WA4EUU), then General. I also obtained the First Class Commercial with Broadcast Engineering and Ship Radar endorsements and worked for a variety of radio stations.

I moved to Moreno Valley, CA in 1989 where I worked as a trauma and Emergency Nurse until my recent retirement as a Nurse Educator.

My station consists of an ICOM-730 and Swan 500CX HF transceivers with a full wave 80m loop and ground planes for 10, 2, and 70cm.   VHF equipment includes a Yaesu FT-2400 2m rig as well as Baofeng and a KT-8900D for 2m and 440.

I love digital and CW and can occasionally be found on the SSB nets.

My email is K6DR@Roadrunner.com

                            Jesse McDonald
Jesse McDonald
Amateur Radio Extra Class ,